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About Us

At SUMMIT, we pride ourselves on being the most exciting and fun-filled dance competition touring in Canada today! It is our mission to blend the thrill of competition while inspiring kindness within the dance community with a well-organized and stress free competitive dance event.

We are looking forward to a year of excellence in dance education, and the opportunity to engage with and help guide the next generation of talented artists.

1,2,3 Days of Dance at Every City

At Summit Dance Challenge, we proud to run an organized and well thought out schedule.  Below is an example.

(Adjustments may be made depending on #of entries per catagory, to accomidate special requests, and maximize costume change time.)

~ 2 Day Example ~

~ 3 Day Example ~


Morning & Afternoon  |  Petite & Junior GROUPS

Afternoon & Evening | Teen, Senior, Adult Solos / Duos / Trios


Morning & Afternoon  |  Petite & Junior Solos / Duos / Trios

Afternoon & Evening  |  Teen, Senior, & Adult GROUPS

Friday: Teen & Senior Solo o


Morning & Afternoon  |  Petite & Junior GROUPS

Afternoon & Evening | more Senior, & Adult Solo / Duo / Trios 


Morning & Afternoon |

~ 3 TO 5 Award Sessions Each Day ~


  • Detailed scheduling
  • FREE spectator entrance
  • Positive and encouraging atmosphere for dancers of all levels
  • On site professional photos
  • Multiple timely award sessions
  • All dancers recognized at awards sessions


  • Easy, convenient and quick information
  • No hassles and forms. ONLINE REGISTRATION PROCESS
  • Knowledgeable and friendly backstage staff
  • Teachers room with refreshments and snacks (when venue space permits)
  • Teacher reserved VIP seating (when venue space permits)
  • SDC Loyalty Rewards Program - login to create account


  • All dancers recognized and will receive a SDC Award
  • Scholarships & cash prizes!
  • Fun atmosphere ITS FOR THE KIDS
  • SDC promises an amazing judging panel at EVERY city.

Consistency in judging is at times lacking in the dance competition world. Some judges come from a teaching world with certificates in adjudication, while others come from the professional or celebrity dance world. Each judge has something to offer the dancers onstage, and creating quality consistency is key. This is why we are implementing a head judge system in 2019. Our highly trained team adjudicator will travel to all locations. Their only duty will be to ensure that our judging system is consistent and that each of our guest judges is providing the highest quality audio adjudications and scoring for your dancers.

We are also proud to offer...

  • FREE OPEN MASTER WORKSHOPS in each location!!! (Time permitting)
  • FREE APP for all attendees!!! Includes full schedule, live schedule, viewing of your photos & videos.  Reasonably priced printed programs also available at events.
  • FREE LIVE STREAMING at ALL events!!!

Our commitment to you...

At SDC, we know firsthand the workload that is behind each and every performance that goes onstage. We are 100% committed to offering you the best competition experience that leaves your dancers inspired and your parents and teachers wanting to come back. Building a strong dance community with ethics and kindness is our highest mandate.

SDC Encore Challenge

Judges will select up to 5 group routines in the Petite/Junior and Teen/Senior/Adult categories to dance again. Routines chosen will not necessarily be top scores/overalls but chosen based on “ENTERTAINMENT VALUE”. One routine will be presented and recognized with the SDC ENCORE AWARD.

Scholarships will also be awarded as well. SDC promises to continue to provide amazing opportunities for your dancers in every way that we possibly can. We will ultimately bridge the GAP as much as possible between “professional” and “studio” by giving your students opportunities to get their foot in the door with industry professionals.

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The VIP Experience

Green room with snacks & refreshments

Reserved seating for directors

GOODY BAG and much more