The SDC Awards

Performance Awards

All acts will receive one of the following placement awards and be presented with a placement award.


79.99 & Lower


80.00 - 84.99

Elite Gold

85.00 - 89.99


90.00 - 93.99

SDC Platinum

94.00 & Over

**Plus JUDGES CHOICE AWARDS given out at every session!**

Overall Awards

*Top Genre Awards (Ballet/Pointe, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro, Lyrical/Contemporary/Modern, Tap, Musical Theater/Song&Dance/Open).

**All disciplines compete against each other for overalls within their designated level.

  • If there is 20 or more entries in a division, top 10 overalls will be presented.
  • If there is 10 or more entries in a division, top 5 overalls will be presented.
  • If there is 5 or more entries in a division, top 3 overalls will be presented.
  • If there is 3 entries in a division, 1st overall will be presented.

Grand Awards

SDC Offers an Array of Awards


The staff and judges will select certain entertaining entries to return for an Encore Performance at the conclusion of the competition day. Judges will view these entries again and choose the winner of this Encore award. Top routine will be awarded in the PETITE / JUNIOR and TEEN / SENIOR / ADULT divisions. This award is chosen based on “Entertainment Value.”


Title Competition


Title will be awarded in each age division. To be considered for title, contestants must enter 2 solos in different style categories

The dancer with the highest cumulative score will be awarded the title for that ELITE age division, Petite/Junior and Teen/Senior/Adult. Dancers may not win title if their solos are entered in the Novice or Competitive division.

Studio Spirit Award

At each awards presentation, each studio will have an opportunity to display their studio spirit. Studios will be judged on overall spirit and sportsmanship to others throughout the competition. Studios are encouraged to bring posters, decorations and anything else that will make your studio stand out to our staff.


Top Acro
Top Ballet / Pointe
Top Contemporary / Lyrical / Jazz
Top Hip Hop
Top Musical Theatre / Song & Dance / Open
Top Tap
Top Novice Entry
Top Student Choreography
Top Production / Line Group

SUMMIT Cash Scholarship Awards

Top Style Score - $50

1st Overall Solo/Duo/Trio – $75
1st Overall Small Groups – $125
1st Overall Large Groups - $150

Top Studio Award - $300

Note: (There must be at least 10 entries per division for overall cash awards)

Top Studio Award

Top Studio Award is presented during the Grand Award Session by averaging each studio’s 5 highest scoring group entries. There must be a minimum of 5 studios to present a TOP STUDIO AWARD.  When there are 10 or more studios registered, A Top Large Studio AND A Top Small Studio will be award.