Competition Info


All entries will be scored by a panel of three judges, with a maximum score of 100 points per judge. For a smaller competition, a panel of two judges may be used. Performance is evaluated on the following elements.

  • Execution/Precision
  • Technique
  • Performance/Stage Presence
  • Choreography
  • Costume

**Any routine not completed will receive a 10 point deduction. If less than 50% of the routine is completed, the routine will receive adjudication only. Any questions will be brought to the attention of the director or backstage staff by the studio owner or studio representative only. The decision of the judging panel is final. Each entry will receive a video critique that will have audio critiques from all judges. All critiques, score sheets, and notes will be sent to studios after the competition.


Age Divisions

All entries will be scored by a panel of three judges, with a maximum score of 100 points per judge. Performance is evaluated on the following elements.

Petite – Ages 8 & Under
Junior – Ages 9 to 11
Teen – Ages 12 to 14
Senior – Ages 15 to 19
Adult – Ages 20 & Over

All ages are as of January 1st. For groups, drop decimal.


Novice Level (Beginner)
Recommended for: Dancers training less than 4hrs weekly OR Newly competitive dancers OR dancers training near to recreational level.

Competitive Level (Intermediate)
Recommended for: All dancers who fit between the Novice & Advanced levels OR Dancers training more than 4hrs weekly.

Elite Level (Advanced)

The highest level of competition.
Recommended for: Advanced level dancers with a high level of technical and performance skill.

**Please note when selecting levels for your dancers you want to choose a level that will be both attainable and still present a challenge. Please note that some special awards are reserved for the Elite division only. SDC acknowledges that dance teachers are always the best judges of what level will present the best growth experience for their dancers. If dancers are placed below skill level, SDC reserves the right to move them to a higher category.

**In placing duets, trios, and groups, experience should be averaged. At the discretion of the judges, dancers may be moved into the appropriate level and/or category.

**If in a group, you have an equal amount of dancers from the Competitive and Elite levels, the studio owner may place this group at their discretion. Example: In a small group, you have 4 dancers of Elite level and 2 dancers of Competitive level. This group should be placed in the Elite level.



SDC offers the highest standard of critique feedback for our dancers and teachers.

This year at SDC Dance Challenge the adjudicators' comments will be collected by Video Judge®.  Each studio will receive a secure login to Video Judge® online where they can watch the performances along with the adjudicators' comments.

These will be available to the studio the Monday following the competition.

The original video adjudication solution

Type of Entry & Time Limits

Solo – 3:00 Minutes

Duo/Trio – 3:00 Minutes

Small Group (4-9 Performers) – 4:00 Minutes

Large Group (10-19 Performers) – 5:00 Minutes

Production Groups (Over 20 Performers) – 10:00 Minutes

**A 15-second leeway is awarded without penalty.
**Extended Time may be purchased for group entries up to 2:00 minutes at a cost of $2.00 per dancer. Time Limits will be strictly enforced. Any routine exceeding the time limit will be adjudicated only and will not be eligible for overall awards. Please check your time limits carefully!!

Style of Dance


Ballet (Classical or Contemporary)

Character Ballet



Hip-Hop (all styles including street jazz)




Pointe (all styles)

Open (any style)

Song & Dance (vocals)

Musical Theater (no vocals)

Showcase (critique only)

**Dancers may enter more than 1 solo in Open only**

**No more than 50% of any act may compete against itself in the same style category.

**Soloist can place only once in the overalls with their highest scoring solo entry.

**We DO NOT count tricks.


Qualify and Experience A True Dance Finals

Summit Dance Challenge is in partnership with Cadence Dance Finals to bring our teachers, dancers, and families an amazing finals experience! Simply attend any of our Summit Tour Locations to qualify!

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